Intranet + Bus Driver client portal: NSW STA

PretaGov, a leading technology solutions provider, was entrusted with the task of transforming the Squiz Matrix intranet of the NSW State Transit Authority (STA) into a more efficient and cost-effective solution. The primary objective was to achieve substantial cost savings while maintaining the quality of service. Given STA's positive prior experience with the Plone-based public site, the decision was made to leverage Plone's capabilities to optimise the intranet.

2. Background and Motivation: The primary motivation behind this project was to reduce operational costs for STA. Recognizing the effectiveness of Plone through their previous experience with the Plone-based public site, STA aimed to capitalize on Plone's features for the intranet. Two key elements of the existing intranet that were of paramount importance to preserve included the multistep approval workflow and improved search relevance.

3. Multistep Approval Workflow Preservation: Plone's innate low-code content workflow editor seamlessly aligned with STA's requirement to retain the multistep approval workflows. This feature empowered content managers to create, manage, and customize workflows with ease. By leveraging Plone's built-in functionality, PretaGov successfully migrated the existing multistep approval workflows to the new intranet, ensuring a smooth transition while maintaining the established approval processes.

4. Enhanced Search Relevance: To meet the demand for improved search relevance, PretaGov integrated the new intranet with Elastic Search. This integration significantly enhanced the search functionality, allowing users to find information more quickly and accurately. The robust search capabilities offered by Elastic Search ensured that employees could access the required information efficiently, thereby enhancing overall productivity.

5. Client Portal for Bus Drivers: A critical component of the project was the creation of a dedicated client portal for bus drivers across NSW. This portal aimed to provide essential functionalities, including secure login and user setup based on CSVs exported from the HR system, secure access to payroll and leave information, and the establishment of a secure proxy to the internal roster system. This proxy solution enabled the integration of the internal roster system without exposing it to potential security risks on the internet.

6. Custom Login and User Setup: PretaGov developed a customized login and user setup system tailored to STA's requirements. This system facilitated secure authentication and user management by utilizing CSV files exported from STA's HR system. By automating the user setup process, the solution streamlined access for authorized personnel and ensured data integrity.

7. Secure Viewing of Payroll and Leave Information: The intranet solution provided secure access to payroll and leave information for STA employees. This feature not only enhanced employee self-service but also adhered to strict security protocols to safeguard sensitive personnel information.

8. Secure Proxy for Internal Roster System: The project addressed the challenge of providing secure access to the internal roster system. Recognizing the sensitivity of this data and the need for strong security measures, PretaGov established a secure proxy that enabled access to the internal roster system without exposing it to external threats. This approach ensured seamless functionality while maintaining a high level of security.

9. Cost Savings and Positive Outcomes: By migrating to Plone and implementing the new functionalities, STA achieved significant cost savings. The streamlined workflows, improved search capabilities, and secure client portal contributed to increased efficiency and reduced operational overhead. STA's content employees benefited from a more user-friendly and powerful intranet, ultimately leading to higher productivity.

10. Conclusion: The collaboration between PretaGov and NSW State Transit Authority successfully transformed the Squiz Matrix intranet into a cost-effective, efficient, and secure solution. The migration to Plone, combined with the preservation of multistep approval workflows and enhanced search relevance, exemplified how technology can be leveraged to drive tangible benefits. The implementation of a secure client portal and the establishment of secure proxies further demonstrated PretaGov's commitment to delivering innovative solutions tailored to their client's needs. This case study underscores the potential of strategic technological advancements in achieving organizational goals and driving significant cost savings.