Case Studies

Vaultmatix for translation workflow: NSW MHCS

Vaultmatix for translation workflow: NSW MHCS

Multicultural Health Communications Service, faced a significant obstacle when it came to sharing large sensitive files with their stakeholders. MHCS needed to secure collaboration and sharing of large files between clients and translators. Existing off-the-shelf file sharing tools presented two critical challenges: compromised data security and unreliable email deliverability.

Swimming Pool Register: Building Commission NSW

Swimming Pool Register: Building Commission NSW

The NSW Swimming Pool Act was enacted to enforce the registration, inspection, and certification of pools to ensure their safety. The NSW Fair Trading faced the challenge of implementing a pool registration (extranet) system within a short timeframe, while ensuring cost-effectiveness and compliance with data protection laws.

Independent NSW DDS Websites

Law Enforcement Conduct Commision and NSW Crime Commission both need highly secure fast public sites complaint to the NSW Digital Design system and Independent branding guidelines. Plone Volto was an excellent fit being easy to edit, visual and highly secure.

Intranet/Document Library: NSW STA

The project involved upgrading a Squiz Matrix intranet of the NSW State Transit Authority (STA). The primary objective was to achieve substantial cost savings while maintaining high search relevance and custom multi-step workflow.

Highly Available Natural Disaster Website: VicSES

A public website and extranet with guaranteed 99.99% uptime during a major earthquake. A predicted 800,000 would access the website for emergency information within 15 minutes.

Bus Driver Intranet: NSW STA

NSW State Transit Authority (STA) needed a way to securely communicate with Bus Drivers across the state of NSW in Australia. Bus Drivers were either employed by STA and required payroll information or employed by private bus companies, and required access to timetable information. The solution using Plone's intranet capabilities was cost effective and secure

Bus Company Surveys: UK DfT

Bus Company Surveys: UK DfT

The (STS) division faced significant challenges in collecting and analysing personal travel data. The existing paper-based survey distribution process was error-prone, labour-intensive, and prone to delays due to mistakes. A solution was needed that would not only provide flexibility but also prioritise data security.

FHIR Care Records Transfer: UK NHS

FHIR Care Records Transfer: UK NHS

NHS Digital Industry: Healthcare Challenge: Inefficient paper-based transfer processes causing delays in patient discharges to social care providers. A HL7 FHIR submission and transfer system sped up transfer of patients into out of hospital care freeing beds

High Value Person CRM: Burda International

High Value Person CRM: Burda International

Burda Asia faced the challenge of consolidating efforts to track high net worth individuals (HNWI) for targeted advertising and event invitations. A custom CRM was produced enter, deduplicate and enhance the records.

1862 Act Register: HM Land Registry

1862 Act Register: HM Land Registry

The register The solution needs to provide access to the scanned image files and metadata for 84,000 Jpeg files at 200DPI that make up the content of the 1962 Act Register. All on a GDS and WCAG complaint CMS

Medical Appointment Translator: NSW MHCS

An online application that lets health professionals create SMS/PDF/ICS reminders for appointments in over 50 languages. Commissioned by NSW Multicultural Health Communications Service

Working with Kids Register: NSW CCYP

PretaGov worked with the Commission for Children and Young People to develop a workflow system that allowed self-employed working with kids to certified including integration with NSW police for sensitive criminal record background checks.

School Bus Mapping: NSW STA

A webapp converted XML data from state transits timetabling system to produce online maps and timetables that were always up to date.

Caravan Park Emergency Plan App: VicSES

The Victorian State Emergency services commissioned an online tool to guide the creation of Emergency Management Plans for Caravan parks. Plans could be saved online or printed.

Centre for Genetics Education

Website to educate via online training and distribution and ordering of printed education material for the Centre for Genetics Education

Video Platform: UK National Archives

With the growing number of digital documents, in varying formats, being sent to TNA for permanent preservation, TNA was looking for a cost effective cloud service to support the playing of videos through a link to its website. They wanted secure, reliable storage for 1TB of videos and more for the future.

Low Code eForms & workflow : UK DWP

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) sought a comprehensive solution to facilitate the in-house development of digital services for the conversion of manual paper based forms.