Vaultmatix - total privacy file sharing

Guaranteed total privacy by design

 With Vaultmatix, your data is encrypted with keys only you and authorised recipients hold. Not us, hosters nor hackers can get at it.

Features that are important to you
Fine-grained access file control

Control access rights to files, view time or downloads, specific to roles & single documents.

Multi-factor authentication

Enforce at least two types of authentication to access sensitive information.

Digital rights management

Avoid offline leaks with the ability to disable printing, copying or saving documents.

Intelligence reporting

Tracking and analytics will alert you to when and how recipients are interacting with documents. 

Easy to use for rapid setup & closure

Vaultmatix is not cluttered with features you don't need with  a drag and drop interface that non-tech users will love.

Predictable pricing

Flat fee monthly plans with unlimited page access. Select the maximum number of rooms, admins users and storage to suit your needs.

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We're specialists in secure file sharing , servicing governments and the private sector for over 18 years.